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A small hilltop village, made famous by its goat cheese, if appreciated by gourmets because scented leaves of chestnut trees that surround it, giving it a unique flavor. Its gates battlements of the sixteenth century, its streets full of history and decorated doors opening onto the old medieval buildings, reminiscent of its rich historical past.
You can also visit the famous bookshop "The Blueberry".
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Here is a classified village has kept its authentic medieval character. Hilltop, overlooking the vast plain situated near the Domitian Way. With the fortifications of the fourteenth century, its narrow streets, and its dungeon walls of XVIth, Dauphin reveals a page of his story you'll enjoy discovering.
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From the fifties, the village of Lurs emerged from its long sleep: the writer Jean Giono and his friend typographer Maximilien Vox, were the origin of the Rencontres Internationales de Lurs, dedicated to the graphic arts, which are held each year the end of August. Moreover, the association organized under the stars Lurs March to November of various events: concerts and plays.
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The medieval citadel around which nestles the village today Mane is the only feudal fortress of Haute Provence remained intact. Mane stone was not only used for this prestigious building but also for the construction of many historical monuments in the region.
The town has many other treasures to visit his church as the XVIth century, the chapel of the Penitent, and the Castle and Priory Sauvan Salagon. Today, the Museum became interim departmental Salagon is also a research and documentation, which offers cultural events, tours, workshops for children, gardening lessons and concerts.
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In the early Middle Ages the city was called Font Calquier, which means the rock fountain in Occitan. It owes its name, which will change very soon to Forcalquier at the source now almost entirely dried up that ran under the rocks of the citadel.
To visit: the Cathedral of Notre Dame du Bourguet, the Citadel with its stunning panorama, the Couvent des Cordeliers, the Gothic fountain in the old city and its many small shops.
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A small hilltop village, near the Luberon.
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